Compromise Assessment

Identify ongoing or past attacker activity in your environment.

High-profile data breaches in the news represent only a fraction of the intrusion activity carried out globally.
Knowing whether your organization has been breached and identifying ways to reduce risk is crucial to preventing your organization from becoming the next major data breach headline.

We combine our extensive experience responding to intrusions and industry-leading threat intelligence with a modular stack of FireEye technology to deliver an assessment that meets your business objectives with speed, scale, and efficiency.
Our consultants use FireEye technologies to search endpoints, monitor network traffic, inspect email and analyze logs from other security devices for evidence of attacker activity.
The consultants also use signatureless data analysis techniques to find previously unseen attack activity.

Our benefits
High quality of assessment

The work is carried out by 7Layers’ specialists who have a vast experience in investigation of complex targeted attacks.

Extensive resources

7Layers experts use advanced analysis tools, techniques, and expert knowledge databases that are continuously updated based on research of current threats.

Compliance with international standards

While providing a service, experts use technical materials developed by the Provider and follow generally recognized standards and guidelines, such as: